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  • Lauren Singer, LMSW

An Open Invitation to Look Inward...

I usually post "gentle/friendly" reminders but this one is more of a harsh reminder. I have a few questions...

Do you need to control things and/or outcomes? Are you overly sensitive? Do you take everything personal? Are you a bad listener? Do you tend to blame others for the problems in your life? Do you play the victim? Do you suck at communicating? Do you have a hard time saying no or holding boundaries? Do you take accountability for your own faults? Do you hold on to things that are no longer relevant? How well do you handle criticism and conflict? Do you overextend yourself? Do you admit when you're wrong? How are contributing to your own suffering?

These are several examples, or as I like to call them, opportunities to look inward. We are often the cause for our own unhappiness, misery and suffering. In psychology, we call this introspection. This is taking a deep dive into your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, patterns and seeing where changes need to happen and improvements need to be made.

Perhaps if we took a step back, looked in the mirror and recognized the role we play in why we are dissatisfied in our life, we just may find that the answer is standing right in front of us.

If any of this resonates, it's a great place to start in your healing journey to becoming a better you. Afterall, I believe that one of the biggest goals in life is to achieve peace; whatever that looks like for you.

Ask yourself this... Is what I'm doing/saying/thinking/holding onto, aligning me with my peace?

I invite you to take a look.


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