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NeuroWellness Program
Functional Lab Testing


The body’s neuroendocrine system is complex, with multiple neurotransmitters and hormones affecting every aspect of human health. Many people may experience the same symptoms or concerns, but the underlying imbalances may vary.


We have partnered with Sanesco Health to offer our clients personalized functional lab testing* that specifically targets neurotransmitters, adrenal hormones, and sex hormones. These tests look at clients' individual biomarkers that may be contributing to feelings of anxiousness, increased physical and mental stress, lack of focus, sugar cravings, lack of energy, and difficulties falling and/or staying asleep through the night. 

The NeuroWellness Program provides us with a guide to identify imbalances and chart a client-centered path to wellness, which can be used to develop personalized plans that support neuroendocrine health. Once testing is completed, you will receive a list of recommended supplements that have been specifically selected to support the imbalanced biomarkers and biochemical pathways. The goal is to create healthy levels of systemic communication and balance, and reduce the symptoms that are being experienced. 

*Functional testing & supplements are not covered by insurance and will be an out of pocket cost to clients. 

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